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-The Marauders enter on mass-

James: I had to cut my quidditch short for this so it better be bloody worth it, you dragon-snouted, gnome-cocked interviewer –er- .. person.
Sirius: AND they’re not even hot looking! Geez.
Remus: I do apologise for these two… -sighs-

Right.. And on that note, this is going to be a rated interview. So you cannot swear, talk about sex or use physical violence.

Remus: Sounds good. It’s about time we could have a decent and civil interview without all of James’ swearing and Sirius’ innuendos.
Sirius: In your endo. –smirks-
James: Woah, woah! So for this interview you’re saying we have to answer your questions politely?!

Yes. So let’s start with school … Do –

Roxi: -enters dramatically- Oh yes. You thought you’d have an interview without me? Mwhahahaaa!
James: Roxi no!! Leave while you still can!! They’re making us do a polite and normal interview!!!
Roxi: Holy %$^* ! Are you kidding?!
Sirius: -whines- Noo!!! It’s gunna be so haaaard!
Roxi: oo-er! –wiggles eyebrows- Ok, I’m up for this! Boys! We need to get through this, just follow Remus’ lead!
Sirius and James: ONWARD!!

Do you enjoy school?

Remus: Of course we do!
James: Yeah but the lessons are a bit of down side, baha!
Sirius: Thank Merlin it’s a mixed school though, otherwise when it came to me heading out into the real world of magical wonder my sexual knowledge on girls would have been zero!!
Roxi: Oh, I don’t understand what you’re implying there, Sirius. I mean, wouldn’t you have been surrounded only by girls? Cos ya see, I don’t think you, being the gender that you are, would have been allowed into an all boys school… would you? –laughs-
Sirius: -brandishes fist- Oi!!! shut up you –
James: -sings- Oh, Siriussss!! Remember the rules of this interview!
Sirius: -grumbles-
James: No need to get your knickers in such a twist. Roxi was merely telling the hard truth.-grins-

What is your favourite lesson?

Sirius: defence against the dark arts!! Cos the professor is so incredibly fox – er… fun.
James: Yeah, she’s hilarious. I mean, the way she teaches the class with her funny little outfit on. It makes us all stare and learn so well. –sniggers-

Outside of lessons what do you enjoy doing?

Remus: …Ordinary things… god.
James: …Quidditch.
Sirius: $*&!/?* !!! –grins-

What was the last book you borrowed from the school library?

Remus: An interesting book about the different species of dragon around the world.
Sirius: A comic book about this woman called ‘Wonder Witch’ and her magical ‘Wand of Truth’. I like the outfit she wears cos it’s like a swimming costume with a cape, pointy hat and boots. Mmmm.
Roxi: I’m going to ignore the fact that you’re fantasising over a story book character. –looks at you [the reader] too-
James: And once again, you’re completely ignoring the rated rule, Sirius! Tut tut tut!

Ever been to the library’s ‘forbidden’ section?

Remus: I was permitted there once but James and Sirius stole the book from me and used it to charm Dumbledore’s gargoyles to have turrets, so now I have to sneak in there to borrow the books...
James: I hardly go in there for the studying… I see the library more from the pranker’s point of view, to be honest.
Sirius: And for me there is the beyond section. –winks- The far left corner in the section where house-elf diaries are kept… Ooo yeh, what magic that corner can tell!
Roxi: Bahaha! Ohhh, the many uses of the library, eh?

How many quills do you own?

Roxi: What kind of shi- boring question is that?!
Remus: I have just the one thanks.
James: Sirius’ quill has a kink in it. –laughs-
Sirius: It does not! It’s long and well cared for with the perfect shape for gripping and an excellent tip for –
Roxi: - WRITING WITH?!?!?
Sirius: …What? Oh! Haha.. yes… ‘course.

Thankyou for trying to restrain yourselves. This rated interview is now over.

Roxi: Your mother is a fu************florum ipsum*********** adminin venium ******TRAGULLAAA**********hippopotamus*******….
James: Well thank Merlin for that!
Sirius: All this restraint is making me in the mood for-
Remus: Roxi!!! Enough with the elder swearing!!!
Roxi: with a bucket of**********magical************* ALAKAZAM!!!!!
James, Sirius and Remus: … -stare- …
Roxi: -takes breathe- Heehee!! Did you get that all that?
heehee =p I found this in a scrap book from months back and I just wanted to type it up and post it up to join the other marauder interviews I haves in ma gallery :XD:

I tried to edit Roxi out of it because she isn't associated with the Marauder's so much anymore, but it didn't work without her imput so she stayed :innocent:

n#40 - Rated - FA100

The Marauders - Harry Potter

Roxi- ish mine!! 83
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the end part with roxi is the best! THE ELDER SWEAR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!
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heheh thanksyouuu!!! :P yus the elder swearr it had to be slid into a restrained interview somewhere! :P
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Love it :heart:
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bahahahaha!! the elder swear!! luuuv it!! ***soup!*** :D
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altho why is teh bottom of the interview all in bold?
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i've fixed tht lol sorry that was just a typo. - all been fixed now!! :P

yush i like the quills section too X3
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